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Hi, I’m Renee. Welcome to my adventure in blogging and thanks for stopping by!

Life provides us with adventures every day. We don’t need to sail the Atlantic or hike a mountain trail to find adventure. On any given day an adventure can begin by simply opening a text message from one of our kids. Or tackling a project. Or even taking the dog for a walk. LIVING LIFE is an adventure.

And there’s times when we can all use some navigational support.

Sharing our experiences can help us maneuver our courses so I’ll be sharing some of my own adventures here and linking to additional articles and resources that may be helpful to you in your own everyday adventures. Just look for the hyperlinks—I mean—navigational beacons.

You can expect 3-4 new posts per month. Usually, I will share a personal story as well as a related How-To piece


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Bits about me…

•  I have lived in western Pennsylvania most of my life.

•  I have three children who are now young adults, a son and two daughters.

•  When first married, my husband and I lived in a small apartment attached to my in-laws’ stable and took care of the horses in exchange for rent. At that time I also worked as a recycling coordinator for a waste company. So yes, I lived in a barn and worked at the dump. Simultaneously. It WAS as glamourous as it sounds.

•  My husband and I started a business and worked together for several years.

•  After freelancing for a while I took a break from writing when I felt that life got to be too hectic for deadlines. Since then, I’ve been waiting for “the right time” to get back to writing but, deciding that there will never be a “right time” am forging ahead amidst regular chaos.

•  After 25 years of marriage I lost my husband in 2015 after his three-year battle against kidney cancer.

•  I earned a Communications degree with an Equestrian Studies minor. Currently by day, I work as a Finance Manager for a private non-profit child social services agency. Talk about a curve in the road!

  • I really enjoy travelling and aspire to become a digital nomad.