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Welcome to Navigating Everyday Adventures! 

We are all adventuring through life. We don’t know the outcome, the destinations or the perils we will face along the way. But we’re waking up each day, doing our thing, making our way on our individual, yet connected, paths.

And we all have guides to help us navigate our adventures–family, friends, mentors, coaches, employers. Even Google and YouTube (I know they’ve both guided me through some unfamiliar territory.)  I offer this blog as another guide, a source of information and shared experiences, to support and encourage you on your own adventures.

Although most of my posts are written with middle-aged parents in mind, there will be articles that could be useful to younger, or older, readers. After all, some information is ageless. My goal is to share a story or personal experience and pair it with an informative post, such as a how-to, for readers who want to find out more about the subject.

I aim to post new content two to four times a month and I’m always open to new article ideas, so feel free to contact me if there’s a subject you’d like to read more about. 

Happy adventuring!

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What Navigating Everyday Adventures is All About
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